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We are located in Drake NSW Australia. We have music teaching studios, recording studios,  instrument manufacturing and repair  workshops. 
We Buy, Sell, and Trade. We repair all world music instruments:

Sarods, Tambouras, Sitars, Esraj, Rebab, Sarangi,  Shenai, Guitar, Bass, Cello, Violin, Tablas. Pakhawaj.
We manufacture Sympathetic Fretted and Indian Slide Style Guitars, and G-Harp Jawari Bass.
Hear and see our Removable Sympathetic String Attachment for Acoustic Guitars.  
 or www.goddenmusic.com - Youtube video
To purchase instruments or pay for parts, Call (02) 6737-6884.  We accept PayPal or direct bank deposits. No checks or credit cards.  All instruments and parts prices are in American Dollars

The  Vintage Professional Quality  Musical Instruments below are for sale only in Australia.

Beware Hemen & Co. Scam!!! 

Since the death of Hemen Chandra Sen the once proud Hemen and Co. has degenerated and are now perpetuating scams by claiming to make and sell top quality Hemen sarods, but secretly buying the cheap quality sarods in Kolkata bazaars and putting their label on them.
They charge over $2100.00 for these really inferior instruments. See the pictures & read the emails.

G-Harp Jawari Bass - 
Fender Bass with  Sympathetic Rail

Sympathetic Harp Guitar attachment

MP3 sound sample:    
 MOM sound sample  
Sympathetic Harp Tuning



used Instruments


 Miraj Surbuhar
Made in the 50's 

200 year old German 4/4 Bass,


National 1948 Ser: V9828 
Model: N150.
 Body  is a Gibson L7 made in the Gibson factory Kalamazoo Michigan, Flame maple back & sides, German spruce face. Neck  fitted in National factory in Chicago

Tamboura before and after repair

Indian Harmonium Repairs

Perfect Third Studios

About Us

Repairs, Parts, Studios, & Classes
All instruments and parts prices are in American Dollars

Parts and Accessories
We sell hard to find parts for Sarod, Sitar, Harmonium, Tamboura, Esraj, Dilruba, Vina, and more.
Indian musical instrument pegs
Sitar Frets,
 Sarod Jaba.
Harmonium Reed Sets, 
Tabla Hammers, 

Sitar Beads, Swans, Bridges
Carved bone swans and beads

Cryogenic Strings    Strings & Parts Price List
We sell steel and bronze Cryowire  for world music instruments:
Gauges for high carbon spring steel: .178mm (.007") to .559mm (.022") 
Gauges for phosphor bronze and some gauges of spring temper  brass: .254mm (.010") to .1.245mm (.050") 
Double wound bass strings for Surburhar and Tamboura.

Read about the
 Cryogenic process.
We treat all our strings cryogenically to improve sustain, clarity, and durability.

Electric Jawari Bridges 
 Sitar, Sarod, Tamboura, etc.

We make and sell sets of  Godden electric stereo or mono Jawari bridges for Indian Instruments. They produce studio quality sound. They require a skilled jawari expert to install them.
Visit the websites the USA:  www.goddenmusic.com
or www.sympatheticharp.com
 In Australia email: per3rd@perfectthird.com 

World Instrument Maintenance & Repair
Guitar, Bass, Violin, Cello,  Bass.
We specialize in Indian musical instrument repairs: Sitar, Harmonium, Sarod, Sarangi, Esraj, Tamboura. 
We manufacture products which include: Sympathetic Harp attachments for all types of acoustic guitar and electric bass.
We offer free access to files from our Repair Archives for stringing  and tuning Indian musical instruments. 

Tabla and Pakhawaj Repairs

Music Classes and Recording Studio
At our  Drake studios we offer vocal and instrumental music classes. We teach: Sitar, Sarod, Tabla, Tala, Vocal, Indian Ensemble, Guitar, Bass, Cello, Violin, Mandolin, Ukulele, composition, and performance. Beginners to professional.

Perfect Third Recording studio
 Is a home studio with 24 track Adat machines and Great microphones, relaxed atmosphere and backing musicians available.

22 Shrutis     See the PHI page  PHI   for Youtube videos about sound
Our vocal  classes are for those who are interested in learning how to accurately tune and sing the 22 Shrutis of the pure tuning octave.
We Teach beginners to advanced how to sing the Ten Thats of Indian Classical, which use the 22 Shrutis of the pure tuning octave.  We teach how to understand theEqual Temperament 12 note octave from which all our modern forms of western music have evolved. We Teach Tala - the study of advanced rhythm, which begins with an understanding of  the fundamental laws of vibration.

Brian Godden's 
son Kalyan Godden has taken over all the Silver Bush Music repairs in the USA
Kalyan is head of the Ali Akbar College Of Music Repair Department. 
Kalyan's Email:
  kalyangodden@hotmail.com or www.goddenmusic.com 
For Sympathetic Harp information in the USA, contact Amber Godden: ambergodden@yahoo.com or guitar@sympatheticharp.com

  Email Perfect Third Studios 

P.O. Box 87
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Australia 2469

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